Enigma, Inc. announced the availability of Enigma 3C Version 8. Version 8 combines content, commerce and collaboration, allowing manufacturers, service partners and operators of complex capital equipment to improve the efficiency of support operations, increase equipment utilization and enhance aftermarket revenue. Enigma 3C Version 8 was developed to meet the needs of the people who maintain and support capital equipment and complex products, such as jet engines, construction machinery, automobiles and telecommunications equipment – from initial installation through operation and product lifecycle maintenance. By creating an as-maintained encyclopedia of product information, that both the OEM and end-user can dynamically update, Version 8 allows operators and service providers to access all the information they need, when and where they need it, for the exact configuration of equipment they are servicing. Version 8 allows the OEM to dynamically update the previously deployed product information with maintenance revisions and service bulletins and to reach out and receive feedback from their customers. www.enigma.com