Interwoven, Inc. announced the launch of three new content applications targeting enterprise portals, collaborative document management and Web application management for the global enterprise. The Interwoven Content Applications, comprised of TeamPortal software, TeamCode software and TeamDoc software, is built on top of the Interwoven 5 ECM platform that includes TeamSite Content Management, MetaTagger Content Intelligence and OpenDeploy Content Distribution software. New Interwoven Content Applications include: TeamDoc, Collaborative Business Document Management, streamlines document sharing, publishing and management, enabling business users to find, create, categorize and QA documents in a collaborative environment; TeamCode, Collaborative Web Application Management, provides developers the means to manage, test and deploy Web application code in TeamSite’s collaborative development environment; and TeamPortal, Collaborative Content Services for Portals, delivers content management services to the corporate portal via XML & SOAP. Portal users can create, manage, QA and deploy content directly from their portal interface. And IT management can implement a Web service-enabled ECM platform to assure an open foundation for future enterprise application needs.