Enfish Corporation announced delivery of Enfish Enterprise 5.1, an integrated enterprise solution that puts desktop data, corporate knowledge, and relevant information from Intranets, Extranets and the Internet, into context. Up to 25 percent faster than previous Enfish Enterprise versions, Enfish Enterprise 5.1 features faster performance and streamlined corporate-wide deployment. Enfish Enterprise 5.1 can also now interact with more than 10,000 public Exchange or Notes folders quickly and efficiently. For system administrators, Enfish products can now be easily distributed to end users via machine images with the Enfish Enterprise 5.1 “Enterprise Friendly” install architecture. In addition, Enfish Enterprise 5.1 is also now available on BEA’s WebLogic Server and JBoss. JBoss provides an option for Enfish customers to deploy Enfish Enterprise on a no cost application server. For a list of end user improvements, visit our Enfish Enterprise 5.1 Fact Sheet at www.enfish.com