Documentum and Easypress Technologies announced an alliance to deliver an out-of-box integration between the Documentum ECM platform and QuarkXPress. The integration, based on Easypress Technologies’ Atomik product, enables QuarkXPress-created design content to be easily deployed to other forms, such as Web pages, as well as the sharing and reuse of QuarkXPress content throughout an organization. It also gives QuarkXPress users access to content stored in the Documentum repository. The integration enables QuarkXPress users to easily convert a publication created with QuarkXPress into XML and export it to the Documentum repository. The QuarkXPress-created content is then automatically indexed and stored. Through Documentum’s ECM capabilities, other non-QuarkXPress users can search, access and export components of QuarkXPress-created content, combine it with other content and repurpose it for other uses. QuarkXPress users can also search and export XML and other content from Documentum into a QuarkXPress-created layout or publication. The Documentum and Easypress Technologies offering for automated QuarkXPress to XML conversion is expected to be available in June 2002.,