Mondosoft announced enhancements to its site search and reporting solution, MondoSearch, to provide corporate customers with efficient and economical search and reporting across their intranets, extranets, and Web sites. With full support for Unicode, MondoSearch 4.4 provides search for 37 languages Worldwide including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai, and offers user authentication functionality for secure content delivery based on user privileges. MondoSearch 4.4 has also been optimized for use with content management solutions. Especially designed to support Microsoft Corp’s Content Management Server, the user authentication technology provides the ability for different end users to receive information based on their specific privileges and access levels. Title, department, geographic location, and customer or partner status could determine such user levels. MondoSearch’s search solution is certified for Microsoft’s Commerce Server and tested and integrated with Microsoft’s Content Management server and Solutions for Internet Business product lines.