divine, inc. announced the release of eight content and content management portal applications, or portlets, for the IBM WebSphere Portal Server. Content Contributor Portlet enables anyone in an organization to easily contribute content for the portal using the applications they already know. Content Approval Portlet enables content managers to edit and preview content for the portal. Content Management Portlet provides administrators access to the full functionality of divine Content Server Enterprise Edition right from the Content Management Portlet. Content Delivery Portlet delivers content generated internally through the content management system, as well as external news feeds. Real-Time News Portlet allows customers to procure, deliver and manage real-time information feeds from premium sources. Content e-Procurement Portlet allows individuals to search and order knowledge resources from content sources. Federated Search Portlet enables users to search across all information sources. Tracker Portlet allows administrators to track and analyze content usage data by source. www.divine.com/ibmportlets