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Day: January 8, 2002

E-Botz to Manage NQLI Software Division

E-Botz, Inc. has assumed management of the software division of NQL, Inc., including technical support, sales and product development. The move is expected to accelerate deployment of NQLI’s Network Query Language tm, a scripting language for network programming and content engineering, as well as specific applications such as NQL Content Anywhere, an enterprise-wide software platform that enables access, use and delivery of data residing in multiple information architectures to a variety of corporate applications, from a PDA or desktop PC, to a Web browser, database application or programming language. Network Query Language contains hundreds of built-in functions for communications, conversion, automation and intelligent behavior for use in connected applications such as bots, intelligent agents, middleware, Web
applications and content management systems.

Tarian e-Records Engine Integrated in IBM Content Manager for DoD Certification

Tarian Software today announced that it has been selected by IBM to supply its e-Records capability as an extension to IBM Content Manager. Tarian’s new e-Records engine will deliver a certified, electronic recordkeeping solution called IBM e-Records Solution (IeRS) for Content Manager. IeRS is designed to manage records across the enterprise, and offers the flexibility to adhere to any recordkeeping management process. The new IeRS offering has been certified against US Department of Defense US DoD 5015.2 STD standard for electronic recordkeeping. 5015.2 is endorsed by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and is widely seen as a benchmark for government and corporate organizations. With the IeRS solution, users are able to declare documents to be official records, at which point full formal lifecycle management is applied. Declared records will later be destroyed or archived according to approved retention and disposition rules.,

Virage to Market BBN Technologies’ Audio Indexer

Virage plans to market and distribute BBN Audio Indexer. The BBN product will be integrated into Virage’s SmartEncode collection of products designed to provide comprehensive encoding and indexing capabilities. The BBN Audio Indexer is a speech recognition and language-processing product that transcribes and categorizes the content of video or audio broadcasts into computer text while the broadcast is being aired. This creates a high-level structured summarization of the spoken language that can be searched and browsed through many different features such as the names of people, places, organizations, and topics mentioned in the transcript as well as the identities and locations of the speakers in the recording. Users of the product will be able to monitor the
content of news broadcasts around the world.,

Texterity Announces Support for MobiPocket eBooks, Adds Secure File Distribution

Texterity, Inc. announced its support for MobiPocket, a software and technology company that enables the reading and secured distribution of electronic text across all existing OS platforms. Support for the MobiPocket format expands the capability of the TextCafe Logisitics Service to enable automated creation, distribution, and secure distribution of MobiPocket eBook files. Texterity has also entered into an agreement with MobiPocket to license the MobiPocket server, enabling Texterity to offer direct secure distribution of electronic content, in addition to automated distribution to MobiPocket, Franklin Electronics, and other MobiPocket retailers. Texterity support for MobiPocket format and the MobiPocket server supports the recent launch of the Texterity E-Galley service. This service provides conversion of publisher’s ready-to-print PDF galley copies into multiple eBook formats. The MobiPocket solution, as a part of TextCafe Logistics Solution, is available immediately.,

SDL International acquires Language Partners International

SDL plc announced that it has acquired Language Partners International (LPI), for an undisclosed sum. With this acquisition, SDL will form a new Desktop products Division led by Brian Briggs, former CEO of LPI. This new division will be focused exclusively on product sales and operate autonomously from SDL’s localization services divisions. In addition to responsibilities as Vice President of the new SDL Desktop Products Division, Briggs will continue as general manager of LPI, serving its customer base as a wholly owned subsidiary of SDL.,

Tumbleweed Introduces Secure Guardian OneChannel

Tumbleweed Communications Corp. introduced Tumbleweed Secure Guardian OneChannel, a software solution suite that enables companies to develop a single, secure channel for all e-communications with customers and/or partners. Now companies can offer their customers and partners a convenient, trusted and branded online vehicle to communicate business-critical information safely. OneChannel is the first bundled suite offering under the Tumbleweed Secure Guardian framework and contains options for customers to use all of Tumbleweed’s solutions for extending the network. Solutions include Secure Messenger, Secure Statements, Secure Redirect and Secure Public Network. At the heart of Secure Guardian OneChannel is the Secure Inbox, a central online location where a company can deliver, manage and receive critical customer communications on an encrypted server. The Secure Inbox offers a single, personalized point of interaction for each customer and can be easily integrated into a company’s existing portal solution. Base pricing starts at $40,000 for a suite of 4 CPUs.

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