Tarian Software today announced that it has been selected by IBM to supply its e-Records capability as an extension to IBM Content Manager. Tarian’s new e-Records engine will deliver a certified, electronic recordkeeping solution called IBM e-Records Solution (IeRS) for Content Manager. IeRS is designed to manage records across the enterprise, and offers the flexibility to adhere to any recordkeeping management process. The new IeRS offering has been certified against US Department of Defense US DoD 5015.2 STD standard for electronic recordkeeping. 5015.2 is endorsed by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and is widely seen as a benchmark for government and corporate organizations. With the IeRS solution, users are able to declare documents to be official records, at which point full formal lifecycle management is applied. Declared records will later be destroyed or archived according to approved retention and disposition rules. www.tariansoftware.com, www.software.ibm.com/data/cm