Texterity, Inc. announced its support for MobiPocket, a software and technology company that enables the reading and secured distribution of electronic text across all existing OS platforms. Support for the MobiPocket format expands the capability of the TextCafe Logisitics Service to enable automated creation, distribution, and secure distribution of MobiPocket eBook files. Texterity has also entered into an agreement with MobiPocket to license the MobiPocket server, enabling Texterity to offer direct secure distribution of electronic content, in addition to automated distribution to MobiPocket, Franklin Electronics, and other MobiPocket retailers. Texterity support for MobiPocket format and the MobiPocket server supports the recent launch of the Texterity E-Galley service. This service provides conversion of publisher’s ready-to-print PDF galley copies into multiple eBook formats. The MobiPocket solution, as a part of TextCafe Logistics Solution, is available immediately. www.mobipocket.com, www.texterity.com