Tumbleweed Communications Corp. introduced Tumbleweed Secure Guardian OneChannel, a software solution suite that enables companies to develop a single, secure channel for all e-communications with customers and/or partners. Now companies can offer their customers and partners a convenient, trusted and branded online vehicle to communicate business-critical information safely. OneChannel is the first bundled suite offering under the Tumbleweed Secure Guardian framework and contains options for customers to use all of Tumbleweed’s solutions for extending the network. Solutions include Secure Messenger, Secure Statements, Secure Redirect and Secure Public Network. At the heart of Secure Guardian OneChannel is the Secure Inbox, a central online location where a company can deliver, manage and receive critical customer communications on an encrypted server. The Secure Inbox offers a single, personalized point of interaction for each customer and can be easily integrated into a company’s existing portal solution. Base pricing starts at $40,000 for a suite of 4 CPUs. www.tumbleweed.com