Mediasurface plc announced the release of Mediasurface 4.0. Mediasurface 4.0 includes options for the delivery of a customer’s dynamic content as a standard feature of the core product using the J2EE and XML, and provides flexibility to fix departmental or line-of-business needs for content management functionality. This delivery capability can stand alone or be run within an application server environment. Mediasurface 4.0 is agnostic with regard to the choice of delivery engine. In addition to the standards and core technology advances in Mediasurface 4.0, new business user functionality includes the content management console, a Web-based control panel that enables users to create and manage content and includes WYSIWYG capabilities and image browsing as standard. It allows authors to graphically view the current status of content items in the overall workflow and to handle approvals and content sign-off dynamically and rapidly.