SERENA Software, Inc. announced that Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 has been certified with Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS). From self-service enterprise portals to high-traffic eStores and Internet Web sites, Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 and Oracle9iAS deliver a complete set of middle-tier services for Web code and content management. Serena designed Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 to work with Application Servers, such as Oracle9iAS, to simplify the process of developing and deploying dynamic Web environments. Additionally, Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 integrates with Oracle9i Database to provide UNIX customers with a single metadata repository. Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 provides the infrastructure to manage both software code and Web content from a single point of control. Serena ChangeMan WCM incorporates change management tools along with content creation facilities.