Inktomi Corp. announced enhancements to Inktomi Enterprise Search software as well as an end-to-end solution for optimizing and searching corporate content. Inktomi Enterprise Search 4.3 includes an interface for indexing metadata created in content management and classification applications, the ability to insert direct links to popular documents in search results and expanded support for database content. Additionally, the company introduced Inktomi Search Architect Edition, a solution that combines Inktomi Enterprise Search with content optimization tools to automate the process of developing easy-to-search content. Inktomi Search Architect Edition combines Watchfire Enterprise Solution with Inktomi Enterprise Search 4.3 for automating the practice of preparing content for search engine indexing. Inktomi Search Architect Edition automatically scans and analyzes enterprise content for problems that can impact its ability to be searched and quickly and accurately adds keyword metadata (such as page titles, alt tags, author tags and description tags) to improve the accessibility and ranking of that content. Inktomi Enterprise Search 4.3 and Inktomi Search Architect Edition are available immediately.