Systems Inc. (ASI) announced the release of Visual Net 2.0 (VN2.0) and the development of a new personal visualization tool. Where standard database navigation relies on old-fashioned text search technology, Visual Net provides a Graphical User Interface, allowing users to browse and navigate information more easily using visual maps. With a cleaner more organized user interface, Visual Net 2.0 adds two new key features: Advanced Filter is a visual translation of traditional text search. After applying the Filter, the Visual Net maps will only display data and categories that match the search parameters entered by the user. The results are organized into topic neighborhoods on the map, with no long lists of text to sort through; and Target Landmarks that function as visual bookmarks. They allow users to highlight specific pieces of data by placing graphical icons on the map so users can easily return to them. Landmarks are automatically organized by location and can be personalized with user notes. PVN is a new architecture of VN 2.0 that is a standalone desktop client that allows users to create their own visually rich maps of personal data sets such as computer files or Web sites or as a tool for sharing and collaboration of enterprise information. Visual Net 2.0 is available now. Personal Visual Net is scheduled for release in early 2002.