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Day: October 8, 2001

YellowBrix & Active Data Exchange Partner

YellowBrix and Active Data Exchange announced a new partnership to offer publishers a more efficient means of delivering customized and targeted information to their subscribers. Under the terms of the agreement, YellowBrix’s ArchiText content infrastructure technology will be integrated with Active Data Exchange’s Active Data Syndicator. Active Data Syndicator enforces “business rules” assigned to content by producers and distributors. For example, Active Data Syndicator manages intellectual property rights and subscription authentication for content producers, ensuring that only authorized clients are able to display the syndicated information. Concurrently, YellowBrix’s ArchiText technology serves as an advanced aggregation, classification and linking technology, allowing customers to organize content more effectively and deliver the relevant information to each end user in a customized format.,

NextPage Introduces Matrix

NextPage Inc. introduced Matrix, a new software application that utilizes the company’s peer-to-peer architecture to streamline the way companies complete large-scale transactions for business. NextPage Matrix is an enterprise peer-to-peer application that allows users to share knowledge and expertise in context of a business process. With Matrix, users can create a collaborative workspace, where they can instantly access information, people and best practices located within the company or distributed across external organizations, such as customers, third-party partners or suppliers. While working on a project or transaction in the workspace, distributed teams can interact, calendar, plan and generate new ideas. Once a project is completed, the successful steps of that project can be archived, shared and repeated by other peers within the collaborative Peer-to-Peer Business Network.

Hummingbird Integrates Collaborative Framework into its Document Management & Portal

Hummingbird Ltd. announced the immediate availability of PD Accord, a new Web-based collaborative framework. PD Accord’s document-centric collaboration environment integrates with Hummingbird’s document management products including CyberDOCS, PowerDOCS and DOCS Open, and Hummingbird EIP (Hummingbird Enterprise Information Portal). Suitable for intra- and inter-enterprise deployments in any industry, PD Accord increases the effectiveness of collaborative activities that occur continually between all team members, increasing productivity and speeding the delivery of targeted results. It allows team members to securely access project documents, discussion threads, task lists, schedules, and the like, through a Web browser. PD Accord also provides audit trails, automatic notification, delegated authority and a customizable user interface using XML/XSLT.

Ektron Unveils Newest CMS

Ektron, Inc. unveiled its newest browser-based product, Ektron CMS200, designed specifically for the Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) platform. Base-priced under $3,000, Ektron CMS200 delivers Web content management functionality for small and mid-sized organizations, department-level corporate use, and most intranet and extranet environments. Ektron CMS200 was created to meet the needs of IT professionals, Web developers, Web site administrators, and content contributing business professionals with simple installation/integration; a Windows Explorer-like folder design; user-friendly administrative functionality; and Ektron’s XHTML/HTML editor, eWebEditPro. With Ektron CMS200, the user interface is the Web site itself. Features include: advanced workflow (unlimited number of users, content groups, and approvals), definable user permissions (to content folder or content block level,) advanced check-in/check-out, content scheduling, advanced search capabilities, and simplified template creation and management. Ektron also announced it has renamed its eMPower Express product to Ektron CMS100. This application, base-priced at $499, delivers basic Web content publishing functionality, and is predominantly used by organizations with less sophisticated workflow requirements.

Inxight Launches MetaText Server

Inxight Software, Inc. announced Inxight MetaText Server 1.0 (IMS), a solution that creates access to previously inaccessible unstructured information such as email, Web pages, word processing documents, presentations, news archives and other forms of content residing across the enterprise. The product easily integrates within any corporate information infrastructure to automatically analyze, extract and index important data for delivery to end users. Designed for rapid integration, accuracy and scalability, IMS is a content intelligence platform for information-intensive applications in enterprise markets such as government, electronic publishing, financial services, life sciences and manufacturing. The product is able to manage unstructured information in a number of environments, including enterprise portals, Web content management, e-mail routing systems, document management, business intelligence, human resource, skills management and CRM applications. Inxight MetaText Server is built upon Inxight’s LinguistX Platform, a suite of natural language processing components that understands the structure of language in documents. Inxight MetaText Server is available immediately.

NeoCore Offers Trial Version of NeoCore XMS

NeoCore is now offering a downloadable trial of its product, NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS). The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK demonstrates how quickly and easily developers can build, change and create applications around a complex, native XML database. The XMS Evaluation PAK supports two simultaneous sessions and the ability to build an information store of up to 10 megabytes. The trial version includes all of the documentation needed for developers to begin building a working application with NeoCore’s native XML database. NeoCore customers are using NeoCore XMS as the information foundation for a variety of applications, including knowledge management, supply-chain management, Web services and customer-relationship management. Because NeoCore XMS models and indexes information automatically, there is no need for the usual upfront physical database design effort. Adaptable and customizable applications can be built and changed quickly to meet ever-changing business requirements. The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK is available for download at

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