Inxight Software, Inc. announced Inxight MetaText Server 1.0 (IMS), a solution that creates access to previously inaccessible unstructured information such as email, Web pages, word processing documents, presentations, news archives and other forms of content residing across the enterprise. The product easily integrates within any corporate information infrastructure to automatically analyze, extract and index important data for delivery to end users. Designed for rapid integration, accuracy and scalability, IMS is a content intelligence platform for information-intensive applications in enterprise markets such as government, electronic publishing, financial services, life sciences and manufacturing. The product is able to manage unstructured information in a number of environments, including enterprise portals, Web content management, e-mail routing systems, document management, business intelligence, human resource, skills management and CRM applications. Inxight MetaText Server is built upon Inxight’s LinguistX Platform, a suite of natural language processing components that understands the structure of language in documents. Inxight MetaText Server is available immediately.