NeoCore is now offering a downloadable trial of its product, NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS). The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK demonstrates how quickly and easily developers can build, change and create applications around a complex, native XML database. The XMS Evaluation PAK supports two simultaneous sessions and the ability to build an information store of up to 10 megabytes. The trial version includes all of the documentation needed for developers to begin building a working application with NeoCore’s native XML database. NeoCore customers are using NeoCore XMS as the information foundation for a variety of applications, including knowledge management, supply-chain management, Web services and customer-relationship management. Because NeoCore XMS models and indexes information automatically, there is no need for the usual upfront physical database design effort. Adaptable and customizable applications can be built and changed quickly to meet ever-changing business requirements. The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK is available for download at