Vignette Corp. announced a new global pricing model for licensing all of its applications, including the newly launched Vignette V6 software and its packaged applications, such as the Vignette Enterprise Application Portal (VEAP). Vignette’s new pricing model makes it easier for organizations to anticipate costs for deployments and implementations of all sizes. The simplified pricing structure will provide a new alternative for companies that previously may have felt compelled to consider less-comprehensive or -sophisticated technology. Vignette’s new price structure moves away from practices such as “transaction based,” “per page view,” “user based” and “named processor” pricing. The new global pricing structure generally consists of standard, published prices for each Vignette application paired with a scaling factor for each additional processor on which the application will operate. The Vignette Content Suite V6 can now be purchased in Ready-to-Go solutions for small to medium- sized portal or Internet application deployments beginning at approximately $200,000. Pricing for Vignette V6 and Vignette packaged applications is based on a base price with a single scaling factor for each additional CPU. This simplified pricing model applies to all Vignette products currently being shipped, including Vignette V6 and the recently announced Vignette Enterprise Application Portal, Vignette Financial Advisor Suite and Vignette Merchant Suite.