iKnowledge, Inc. introduced the ActiveContent Suite and Content Network Gateway for managing and distributing mission critical business content for media and entertainment, financial services, healthcare and the enterprise. iKnowledge’s ActiveContent Suite is a rich-media and digital asset management and distribution solution that enables companies to aggregate content, in its native format, from a wide range of sources. Companies can then fuse this content with business logic and accelerate its distribution over any network such as wireless, broadband, and narrowband to multiple devices such as WAP phones, PDAs, PCs, iTV, and set-top boxes. The new iKnowledge ActiveContent solution works within existing infrastructures, combining content management functionality with distribution capabilities. Ultimately, the ActiveContent Suite allows users to manage content distribution through its new Content Network Gateway. The Content Network Gateway allows a user to profile distribution end-points and then define the rules for distributing content over any network to any end device. www.iknowledge.com