TietoEnator has developed an electronic service solution called dBroker, which supports TietoEnator’s Digital Government concept and makes it possible to flexibly combine Internet portals and services offered by different service providers. dBroker offers different portals a centralised communications channel through one point to electronic services. In practice, the builders of Internet portals can use the dBroker solution to expand the service selection of their portals. A portal also becomes more user-friendly when the user can access a more extensive service selection and services that are naturally related to the portal through his favourite portals. In addition to combining portals and electronic services, dBroker contains solutions for, e.g. user authentication, digital signature and payment. As an overall solution, dBroker offers corporate customers a simpler way to develop electronic services of their own. dBroker has been developed with Java and is based on UDDI. Data is transferred between different information systems as XML messages, and the data transfer protocol is SOAP. www.tietoenator.com