Venetica Corporation announced the release of VeniceBridge 4.0, a software solution that organizations use to integrate portals, collaborative applications, customer relationship management and other key applications with relevant content. At the heart of VeniceBridge is a single, consistent interface that enables applications to quickly integrate with the multiple, disparate repositories that store documents, images, reports, rich media and other relevant content. VeniceBridge can then aggregate, deliver and exchange the content with other applications in real time. VeniceBridge 4.0 includes new features that simplify deployment and speed time to market, provide a framework for real-time content collaboration, strengthen Internet accessibility through SOAP-based Web services, and expand the reach of VeniceBridge to leverage content not stored within traditional content management systems. VeniceBridge 4.0 will be available in October 2001. VeniceBridge 4.0 systems start at $75,000.