Virage, Inc. announced its next-generation SmartEncode family of products. Virage announced VideoLogger 5.0, Software Developer Kit 5.0 and ControlCenter 2.0. The new versions of the SmartEncode suite create a simultaneous, real-time process for controlling, automating and integrating the workflow surrounding video transformation including encoding, indexing and delivery. Customers will benefit from enhanced automation, as well as tighter time synchronization and control for simultaneous, multi-format encoding. Virage’s VideoLogger 5.0 can now be configured as a Windows Service, creating a tighter integration with the underlying operating system. New features include: automated clip marking and segmentation tools for unattended operation, new configuration tools, tight integration with the underlying operating system through a “lights-out” configuration, multi-byte character support for ControlCenter, and the addition of the Media Analysis API into the Software Developer’s Kit.