Vignette Corp. announced immediate availability of the Vignette Merchant Suite, a new packaged application designed to help companies drive sales, strengthen customer relationships and enhance profitability by offering, multichannel online purchasing experiences. Jointly developed with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Vignette Merchant Suite combines content, integration and analysis with the transaction processing technology of application servers supporting Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The result is a packaged business application that combines content management and transaction processing as core capabilities. The Vignette Merchant Suite is designed to allow companies to efficiently manage any content asset alongside their product catalog to ensure that all information is accurate, relevant, organized and engaging. In addition, it helps deliver a personalized sales and service experience that will help increase sales, customer loyalty and profitability. Vignette Merchant Suite provides: Product catalog management, Merchandising management, Customer analysis and targeting, Out-of-the-box sample storefront, and Collaborative enterprise integration. The Vignette Merchant Suite is based on J2EE, XML and LDAP. The Vignette Merchant Suite is currently available and shipping to customers.