ContentWorks Transformation Manager is an enterprise-class application that automates and simplifies the process of transforming product data from varied sources into a comprehensive product information asset for populating e-commerce enabled catalogs and sharing with e-business partners. ContentWorks Transformation Manager facilitates the quick and efficient transformation of product information into rich, product-differentiating content through a browser interface that supports: 1) creation and management of catalog taxonomies; 2) automated extraction of product data from information sources; 3) automated classification of products; and 4) automated cleansing, rationalization and enhancement of data to build rich product content. With product content transformed into an enterprise asset, it is easily shared with trading partners to populate their e-procurement or e-catalog applications such as SAQQARA Commerce Suite. SAQQARA ContentWorks 2.0 Transformation Manager is available immediately for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 systems.