Context Media, Inc. announced the introduction of a Web authoring application called iBuilder. iBuilder makes it easy to access and use shared content in, multimedia Web presentations. iBuilder is a SMIL (Synchronous Multimedia Integration Language) authoring application that gives Web developers and authors the ability to synchronize video, text, animation and audio content and specify exactly when and how those elements are presented. SMIL presentations can be played by: RealPlayer 8 by RealNetworks; QuickTime 4.1 by Apple; the GRiNS player by Oratrix; and many others which are listed at the W3C SMIL Website. SMIL is an XML-based layout format that specifies the playback of any combination of multiple media types over the Internet. As a layout language, SMIL supports the presentation of a wide range of container file formats, audio, video, animation, images, and text. iBuilder is part of Context Media’s Context Builder family of products. Also included in this product family is Context Builder for Dreamweaver, integrated directly with the Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 and Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 authoring tools. iBuilder will be available directly from Context Media in the third quarter at a SRP of $650.00. Those interested can register for iBuilder Early Access at www.ibuilder.html