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Day: June 17, 2001 Announces Visual Net Enterprise Systems Inc. (ASI) announced the availability of Visual Net Enterprise (VNE). Visual Net Enterprise gives users an intuitive, efficient, and graphical “search and discovery” tool to organize, browse, and view large amounts of data in multiple databases and media formats. Visual Net Enterprise transforms enterprise information into large-scale data maps, and provides a navigation interface featuring context-rich visuals. VNE uses’s visual mapping technology to show relevant and related data as defined by the customer. Visual mapping of data enables users to go from merely searching for information to strategizing and organizing data. Users browse through categories of data laid out on a map to quickly understand the types of data available to them. At the same time, they get information about the most relevant data in a visual representation. This enables users to quickly see all pertinent data and determine what information best serves their needs. Visual Net offers: Navigation across multiple data sources in a variety of formats; Internationalized language capability; A customizable data display; Scalability; and Easy updating. Visual Net takes all category/object attributes, and supplements this data with metadata collected by ASI’s robot module. Based on all these attributes, the backend subsystem gives each category/object pairing a graphic representation and a unique X and Z location on a two-dimensional map. Visual Net can be utilized in a wide range of applications such as research libraries, corporate Intranets, eCommerce and retail cataloging. Visual Net is offered as a standalone application or as part of custom applications provided directly or through ASI’s partner channel. Visual Net Enterprise and Visual Net for Libraries, launched April 2001, are available immediately. Pricing varies based on application.

BroadVision Announces Updates to Business Commerce & MarketMaker

BroadVision, Inc. announced the availability of BroadVision Business Commerce 6.0 and BroadVision MarketMaker 6.0. Both BroadVision Business Commerce 6.0 and BroadVision MarketMaker 6.0 take advantage of the J2EE features of One-To-One Enterprise 6.0 and are built using JavaServer Pages (JSP). The products provide a variety of pre-built JSP templates and workflows. BroadVision Business Commerce 6.0 and BroadVision MarketMaker 6.0 support wireless and call center technologies. Wireless capabilities allow end-users to access BroadVision-based B2B commerce sites through a variety of mobile phones and wireless devices. Collaboration capabilities and call center integration features allow data to be shared between the call center and online site, providing a 360-degree view of customers and business partners. BroadVision Business Commerce 6.0 and BroadVision MarketMaker 6.0 provide enhanced system-to-system connectivity features that allow information exchange across a wide variety of trading networks. The BroadVision trading connector and BroadVision B2B Gateway (built in partnership with webMethods) offer the “roundtrip” and “punchout” features that allow buyers on other trading networks to seamlessly access content and route transaction information between buyers and suppliers. BroadVision’s B2B commerce applications allow XML-based communication with other systems through industry standards such as OAG, RosettaNet, EDI, OBI and other XML applications.

Vignette Announces Merchant Suite

Vignette Corp. announced immediate availability of the Vignette Merchant Suite, a new packaged application designed to help companies drive sales, strengthen customer relationships and enhance profitability by offering, multichannel online purchasing experiences. Jointly developed with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Vignette Merchant Suite combines content, integration and analysis with the transaction processing technology of application servers supporting Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The result is a packaged business application that combines content management and transaction processing as core capabilities. The Vignette Merchant Suite is designed to allow companies to efficiently manage any content asset alongside their product catalog to ensure that all information is accurate, relevant, organized and engaging. In addition, it helps deliver a personalized sales and service experience that will help increase sales, customer loyalty and profitability. Vignette Merchant Suite provides: Product catalog management, Merchandising management, Customer analysis and targeting, Out-of-the-box sample storefront, and Collaborative enterprise integration. The Vignette Merchant Suite is based on J2EE, XML and LDAP. The Vignette Merchant Suite is currently available and shipping to customers.

Liaison Launches Liaison Content Hub

Liaison Technology announced the release of Liaison Content Hub, software that automates the production and management of electronic catalog content. Liaison Content Hub 1.0 provides the infrastructure for manufacturers, distributors and trading exchanges to manage the complex process of developing and managing commerce-ready content. Liaison Content Hub delivers streamlined workflow and process automation capabilities to decrease catalog management costs. Liaison Content Hub 1.0 is the third product based on Liaison’s Catalog Content for Collaborative Commerce (C4) Architecture. Announced in March, the C4 Architecture defines how enterprises increase revenue through the automation and management of electronic catalog content. It serves as the foundation for Liaison’s integrated, scalable solutions for aggregating, managing and syndicating catalog content for e-commerce platforms. In March, the company launched Liaison Content Exchange 3.0, which aggregates data from disparate sources, and Liaison Content Syndicator 1.0, which customizes the content for delivery to e-commerce platforms. Liaison Content Hub 1.0 is now available directly from Liaison and its partners. The software is licensed on a perpetual or an annual basis including professional services and support.

Percussion Upgrades Rhythmyx

Percussion Software announced the release of Rhythmyx Content Manager version 3.5. This upgrade of Percussion’s XML-based content management system includes a significant new feature – the Content Editor Engine – which reduces content development time from days to hours. Rhythmyx v3.5 also offers a completely revised Publisher Engine, enabling companies to centrally manage all publishing activities, whether remote or local. Rhythmyx Content Manager v3.5 is available immediately and will be offered in a 30-day product evaluation kit that enables potential customers to trial the whole product with full technical support. The 3.5 evaluation kit is available on a CD that can be installed in production mode with a sample Web site already under management. Percussion Rhythmyx Content Manager V3.5 supports Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8 on the SPARC platform. The Rhythmyx Workbench runs on Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.,

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