Open Market, Inc. announced the availability of an integration between its Content Server Enterprise Edition (CSEE) software and the iPlanet Portal Server 3.0 from iPlanet E-Commerce Solution. This integration provides interoperability between the iPlanet Portal Server and Open Market’s CSEE software through a plug-in. With this integration, iPlanet Portal Server “channels” are used to access Open Market’s applications and the content they manage. For example, one channel can allow geographically dispersed content contributors to access Open Market’s applications with a single sign-on. Another channel allows iPlanet Portal Server users to access news and company information that is targeted to their role in the organization. Open Market and iPlanet worked in conjunction with Migration Software Systems to allow the two environments to operate as a single solution. The integrated solution is available today from both Open Market and iPlanet. The two organizations are finalizing agreements regarding continued development and support of the integrated plug-in.