Interwoven, Inc. unveiled its new Content Infrastructure direction and announced the 5.0 release of TeamSite, TeamSite Templating, and OpenDeploy software, along with the introduction of two new products – Interwoven OpenChannel and MetaTagger 2.1 software. This broad new product functionality addresses Content Aggregation, Content Collaboration, Content Management, Content Intelligence and Content Distribution and provides an underpinning for multiple eBusiness initiatives and applications. Content Aggregation captures all content necessary for delivering a compelling Web experience, including database, file system, application code and XML. TeamCatalog streamlines the process of moving legacy catalog content to the Web by aggregating product data, and then automating the cleansing and categorization to make product information transaction-ready. Content Collaboration accelerates eBusiness initiatives with virtualization and branching. Interwoven TeamSite 5.0 software now adds single-click collaboration with email content entry, and ease-of-use of the new WebDesk interface. Content Management extends contribution throughout the enterprise without any loss of operational control, including process functionality such as templating, versioning and workflow. TeamSite Templating 5.0 software offers single-click templating and rich text-editing with WYSWYG formatting. Content Intelligence leverages enterprise Web assets across multiple initiatives and applications. By automating the assignment of accurate and consistent metadata, MetaTagger 2.1 software improves personalization, search and syndication. All metadata and vertical vocabularies are defined in, and captured as, XML. Content Distribution controls the multi-tiered delivery of content across multiple servers, devices and initiatives, both within and beyond the enterprise. OpenDeploy and DataDeploy 5.0 software have been enhanced to simplify complex deployments of both file and database assets to any production environment including ATG, BEA, IBM, BlueMartini, iPlanet. Interwoven OpenChannel software enables an organization to create content once, and re-use it across multiple delivery channels including the Web, wireless, voice and print. Interwoven Content Infrastructure integrates with application and transaction infrastructure products from ATG, BEA, IBM, TIBCO and webMethods.