Artesia Technologies unveiled the latest version of its TEAMS digital asset management solution. Features include out-of-the-box applications to better support video production workflow, expanded support for video formats, streaming servers and loggers, as well “one click” localization support that leverages unique XML and JSP-based Internet client for our French and German speaking end-users. Specific enhancements in TEAMS 4.2 include: A web-based Video Storyboarding application to simplify rapid repurposing of programming, as well as to streamline video production workflow; Built-in support for Windows Media and Darwin streaming servers to complement TEAMS’ existing support for RealSystem Server; Turnkey integration with Convera’s Screening Room Capture Client; Integration and synchronization with Convera’s Edit Client enabling modifications to storyboarding to be made either in TEAMS or in Convera’s Edit Client; Updated integration with Version 4.5 of Virage’s VideoLogger; and updated integration with Version 1.12 of Image Alchemy to take advantage of the latest image transformation and indexing enhancements. Pricing available from an authorized reseller or directly from Artesia Technologies.