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Day: April 10, 2001

Inxight Announces Categorize Executive

Inxight Software Inc. announced Inxight Categorizer Executive, an application that accelerates government and corporate portal deployment by up to sixty percent by simplifying the first and most important step: organizing content into its appropriate categories. In the past, corporations were forced to rely on XML programmers and engineers for this function; with CatExec it can now be accomplished by the content managers themselves. Used in conjunction with the Inxight Categorizer, the new CatExec provides a powerful, user-friendly and highly interactive application. It guides the user to quickly develop a “training set,” which is a set of examples the Inxight Categorizer will then use to determine how documents should be classified and into which categories they should be placed. Categorizer Executive is in limited availability immediately; general availability is slated for June 2001.

Epicentric & Documentum Unveil Enterprise Content Management Modules

Epicentric Inc. and Documentum have co-developed Web Service Modules that deliver content management and collaboration capabilities across global e-business networks. The new modules provide organizations with interoperability between Epicentric Foundation Server and Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform, enabling strategic data to be aggregated, created, managed, and delivered in a secure, personalized format to customers, partners and employees across intranets, extranets and the Internet. The Documentum/Epicentric Web Service Modules accelerate time to market for customers who need to deploy content management functionality to new and existing online business constituencies. Epicentric provides a privately branded, personalized interface that serves multiple online business communities. Documentum enables end users within those communities to aggregate, create, manage, and deliver business content in any format and in any language. The combination of Epicentric and Documentum’s portal content management offering allows for optimizing the content management lifecycle across e-business networks. The new Web Service Modules will be available on Epicentric’s Web Services Marketplace in Q2 of 2001.,

Plumtree Announces Documentum Gadget Suite & Content Repository Crawler

Plumtree Software announced the release of two new Plumtree plug-in components for integrating Documentum enterprise content management capabilities into the Plumtree Corporate Portal platform: a suite of Plumtree Portal Gadgets incorporating the content management capabilities of Documentum 4i, and a Plumtree Crawler for scanning Documentum 4i repositories for new content to index in the portal. The Plumtree Gadget Suite for Documentum 4i allows business users to create, edit and approve Documentum-managed content from a personalized portal page that also incorporates those users’ e-mail, sales leads, inventory reports, and market news. The gadgets were developed by Infodata. The Plumtree Documentum Gadget Suite, available as a web-hosted solution or to customers who have purchased both software solutions, includes gadgets for developing, routing, approving, and publishing content. The Plumtree Crawler for Documentum 4i adds to a collection of crawlers for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, the Internet, corporate intranets and extranets, and File Systems, giving customers a unified view of all documents across the enterprise, regardless of the repository in which they are located. The Plumtree Crawler for Documentum 4i automatically publishes content that has been staged through Documentum workflows, integrating content in an enterprise-wide searchable directory that includes Web pages, reports, e-mail and documents from file systems.,

InterTrust & Artesia to Offer Solution for Managing & Safeguarding Digital Assets

InterTrust Technologies Corporation and Artesia Technologies announced an agreement to integrate their respective technologies to offer customers an advanced platform for managing, safeguarding and distributing digital assets. The initiative is designed to address the complexities media, entertainment and publishing industries face in managing, distributing and monetizing digital assets across multiple channels and platforms. The technology integration agreement enables Artesia to join the community of application developers and service providers comprising the digital commerce network created by InterTrust and branded as the MetaTrust Utility. Administered by InterTrust as a neutral party, the Utility develops and enforces the rules for interfacing with the platform – both technically and operationally – to ensure that all the services and applications it supports meet its rigorous standards for security and interoperability. The agreement will allow Artesia’s TEAMS Digital Asset Management solution to automatically encrypt and manage digital assets in conjunction with InterTrust’s DRM technology. Through this process, the business rules defining the approved usage for each asset, which are stored within TEAMS as XML-based metadata along with the original content, can be efficiently captured and seamlessly packaged with the protected content. Since many digital products are actually comprised of multiple assets, such as individual song titles on a compact disc or the text and photos that might comprise a book, this enhanced flexibility allows content owners to more efficiently re-purpose their digital assets in a secure manner in a variety of formats.,

Microsoft Announces new SOAP Toolkit & Native support for SOAP in XP

Microsoft Corp. debuted a new SOAP Toolkit, announced native SOAP support for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, and invited SOAP developers to an interoperability event. Microsoft announced an updated version of the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit for the Visual Studio 6.0 development system. The new version 2.0 provides full support for SOAP 1.1 and the Web Services Description Language (WSDL). With the Toolkit, developers can build XML Web Services or add such capabilities to any existing application that supports the Component Object Model (COM). In addition to offering new samples and debugging tools, this release also is fully interoperable with XML Web Services built using the Microsoft .NET Framework and has been tested with SOAP implementations from a variety of other vendors. A release candidate is available for download on at, with the final release expected to be available from the same location later this month. In addition to the stand-alone Toolkit, Microsoft also announced that Windows XP would have native support for SOAP.

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