InterTrust Technologies Corporation and Artesia Technologies announced an agreement to integrate their respective technologies to offer customers an advanced platform for managing, safeguarding and distributing digital assets. The initiative is designed to address the complexities media, entertainment and publishing industries face in managing, distributing and monetizing digital assets across multiple channels and platforms. The technology integration agreement enables Artesia to join the community of application developers and service providers comprising the digital commerce network created by InterTrust and branded as the MetaTrust Utility. Administered by InterTrust as a neutral party, the Utility develops and enforces the rules for interfacing with the platform – both technically and operationally – to ensure that all the services and applications it supports meet its rigorous standards for security and interoperability. The agreement will allow Artesia’s TEAMS Digital Asset Management solution to automatically encrypt and manage digital assets in conjunction with InterTrust’s DRM technology. Through this process, the business rules defining the approved usage for each asset, which are stored within TEAMS as XML-based metadata along with the original content, can be efficiently captured and seamlessly packaged with the protected content. Since many digital products are actually comprised of multiple assets, such as individual song titles on a compact disc or the text and photos that might comprise a book, this enhanced flexibility allows content owners to more efficiently re-purpose their digital assets in a secure manner in a variety of formats.,