Sybase, Inc. announced Sybase Enterprise Portal 2.0 (EP), which extends portal functionality to mobile and wireless users, business partners and e-marketplaces. The new portal functionality uses Sybase’s wireless technology along with new business-to-business application integration, XML/EDI transformations and globalization. Key components include a J2EE-compliant application server, LDAP directory support, an integrated security framework, concept-based searching and a powerful data server with data synchronization capabilities. Sybase EP supports the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Sybase EP includes bi-directional mobile messaging capabilities that enable users to both queue outbound messages and receive messages delivered from the network. These messaging services include store-and-forward messaging queuing; push messaging for communications from the network; and user authentication and encryption. Messages can be used to alert users or to initiate an action, such as data synchronization. XML/EDI transformation enables non-EDI-enabled business partners to be quickly integrated into the enterprise’s processes. Enterprise integration adapters allow collaborative data to be directly served into data management systems or applications. Sybase EP’s content management features allow portal users to quickly add, categorize and deploy information for end users. The customizable presentation services allow portal users to interact with applications in their preferred manner. Sybase EP also provides advanced features like automatic currency conversion and language translation.