Portal Wave, Inc. announced three new products that allow enterprises to build EAPs that connect multiple internal systems and connect partner applications. Portal Wave XML B2B Server allows information and transaction exchange across enterprises via XML. Portal Wave Visual Development Studio provides a visual development environment for building Wavelets, plug-in software modules that run within the portal. Portal Wave Application Portal Server (APS) 2.0 is an upgrade to the initial version that enables companies to integrate enterprise solutions into a common e-business platform with a single Web interface. XML B2B Server is an XML messaging server that provides guaranteed, secure delivery of business information and transactions over the Internet in the form of XML documents. Delivery is guaranteed via message queuing and XML return receipt. A simple log allows users to monitor the delivery status of documents such as purchase orders, invoices and inventory levels. XML B2B Server offers support for HTTP and HTTPS for secure document delivery and uses the same browser-based EAP interface for managing and monitoring delivery status. It supports industry standards for XML exchange between partners and is compliant with RosettaNet standards. EAPs provide functionality through Wavelets, plug-in software modules that encapsulate business logic and can provide value from displaying syndicated Internet content to coordinating complex B2B functions across multiple enterprise applications. Visual Development Studio is a Java-based product that leverages the latest JavaBean technology and Java Swing classes. Its main feature is the separation of the user interface from business logic. The new XML B2B Server leverages the enhanced EAP functions now available in APS 2.0. The 2.0 upgrade features an improved user interface that uses style sheets. From selecting content to determining how it appears, improved personalization features allow users greater flexibility to customize their own portal. XML B2B Server, Visual Development Studio and APS 2.0 are available now. www.portalwave.com