Semio Corporation announced the availability of Semio Integration Toolkit. The toolkit is a software development kit and partnership program designed to support the integration of Semio’s content categorization technology into corporate portals and customized applications – such as personalized content delivery or communities of interest. By using Semio’s toolkit, partners and customers quickly build applications that can organize and manage virtually unlimited amounts of unstructured digital information. The Semio Integration Toolkit offers application interfaces to Semio’s Tagger software, which organizes large amounts of corporate data by finding conceptual and practical relationships between any digital document stored on a server. These interfaces enable partners and customers to build solutions with automated cataloging and categorization of unstructured information, offering faster access to the right information in today’s complex business environments. With the release of the Integration Toolkit, partners and customers have multiple possible integration points with the Semio categorization solution. Some partners use the XML generated by Semio Tagger as input for publication and syndication processes. The API published with the Integration Toolkit lets portal vendors and others create tightly integrated solutions leveraging Semio’s automated categorization capabilities. The Semio Integration Toolkit documents the Semio Integration API and the Semio Bundler API, as well as the XML and database formats. It includes sample applications, source code, database, and text corpus, as well as detailed documentation. The Semio Integration Toolkit requires Semio Tagger 4.1 and is available now.