Interwoven, Inc. announced the release of Interwoven TeamCatalog. Combined with Interwoven TeamSite, TeamCatalog offers a comprehensive platform to enable customers to automate both their product and Web content processes to power multiple eBusiness initiatives. With TeamCatalog, customers will be able to assemble and manage catalog content, while automating the processes necessary to ensure product information is “transaction-ready.” Interwoven TeamCatalog provides a software platform for managing product data that meets the demands of enterprises, B2B marketplaces, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, who need to aggregate, create, categorize, refresh and distribute eCatalogs. This content includes information such as product name and description, stock keeping unit (SKU) code, price, and other data, which is stored in legacy systems, databases and ERP systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle. TeamCatalog is a development-side eCatalog content management solution that is compatible with leading transactional catalog products from BEA, IBM, ATG, BroadVision, Microsoft and others. TeamCatalog features include: Easy-to-use administrative tools facilitate schedule updates, define process checkpoints, set validation criteria, and manage versions of catalog files for tracking and automatic rollback as needed; Aggregation, normalization, and rationalization capabilities make product content from one or more sources `transaction-ready’ for eCommerce sites; Creation and management of multiple taxonomies, such as UNSPSC and industry-specific taxonomies. The combination of Interwoven TeamCatalog software, with B2B Edition and TeamSite software, provides the necessary content infrastructure for enterprise eBusiness initiatives. Enterprises can represent their product information accurately and merchandise their products with rich information, graphics and metadata.