Openpages, Inc. announced the stock acquisition of Viveca, Inc., a provider of solutions for B2B content and online catalogs. With this acquisition, Openpages is moving into the B2B market. Openpages plans to deliver a product integrating Viveca’s technology by the end of 2001 to help businesses meet the content challenge of business-to-business e-commerce: aggregating, normalizing, converting, managing and syndicating content between suppliers, partners and customers. The Viveca acquisition creates new technology to produce content for electronic commerce by intelligently managing the content from beyond the enterprise–product content from suppliers and partners. Viveca’s technology acquires the raw information that powers electronic commerce — unstructured and structured product and catalog content — and normalizes it into a format that Openpages’ ContentWare produces for distribution to common websites, net markets, private exchanges and print catalogs.