Interwoven, Inc. announced that IBM will OEM a tightly integrated version of Interwoven’s content management software. This OEM announcement expands on the existing close relationship between the two companies. Together with WebSphere, it will provide a scalable solution to deliver personalized, timely, high quality content directly to the right user. IBM customers can leverage this OEM version of Interwoven’s content management software to support complex content management tasks including collaborative, concurrent, multi-author content development of diverse Web assets such as HTML, XML and Multimedia. It will also allow WebSphere application developers to build and test application code in-context of all Web content. IBM WebSphere-driven sites will also be able to take full advantage of Interwoven’s XML publishing, virtualization and workflow which will accelerate the development, approval and deployment of Web content and code. Additionally, Interwoven customers will be able to take advantage of IBM Content Manager, allowing search and retrieval of content that can be fed into both business applications as well as dynamic Web site applications, without the need for replicating content in multiple places. Under the terms of the agreement, Interwoven will build, and IBM will sell, an application-specific version of Interwoven content management software. Companies with multiple Web properties or who require a larger contributor base can seamlessly upgrade to a full version of Interwoven’s enterprise-class content management software suite. The WebSphere-specific content management will provide content delivery through its integration with WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Personalization Server, Enterprise Information Portal, IBM Content Manager and IBM DB2.