Autonomy Corporation plc announced the release of AXE, a technology that will enable Autonomy’s OEM customers and end-users to overcome the current obstacles in the processing of XML and extend the benefits of information exchange. AXE’s conceptual understanding enables it to automatically insert XML tags and links into documents, based on the concepts contained in the information. This eliminates all manual cost. Secondly, AXE enables XML applications to understand conceptual information, independent of variations in tagging schemas or the variety of applications in use. This means, for example, that legacy data from disparate sources, tagged using different schemas, can be automatically reconciled and operated upon. AXE is a complementary technology to the latest version of Autonomy’s core engine, the Dynamic Reasoning Engine v4.0. It will be made available both to end users and to OEMs. OEMs will embed AXE in their own products as part of the Autonomy Content Infrastructure (ACI), an architecture that enables multiple third party applications to automate the business operations on unstructured data. Preliminary metrics indicate that the AXE-enabled DRE will process XML at speeds of up to 2 gigabytes per hour, the equivalent to 200 documents per second. Operations such as tagging, categorizing and linking are carried out automatically, as hundreds of simultaneous operations occur concurrently.