Enigma introduced its 3C Platform for content-driven e-commerce for the support chain. Through integrated content, commerce and collaboration capabilities, the Enigma 3C Platform enables manufacturers of capital equipment to capture a greater share of highly profitable aftermarket revenues and maintain better post-sale services and support relationships with customers. Equipment operators benefit by realizing greater efficiency in maintenance and operations and through product support, leading to improved equipment utilization and uptime. The 3C Platform allows OEMs; Operators; and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities to be linked via the Web and customer intranets. The original product content (intellectual property) continues to reside on the OEM’s extranet for aftermarket support and services, however customers can now establish many subsets of the OEM “master” site on intranets behind their firewalls. The customers can then integrate their own content, such as best practices or alternate procedures, to these sites, as well as aggregate other suppliers’ technical information into their intranets. With Enigma’s 3C Platform, the OEM’s Web site and the remote intranet sites can then be directly linked to ERP, e-procurement and order management systems to generate a complete support chain solution. The Enigma 3C Platform consists of the CommunitySight product for Collaboration, and two other sets of packaged solutions addressing Content and Commerce applications. InSight and DynaWeb are distributed content management applications, which automate the aggregation and delivery of multi-format, complex, structured documents. PartSight is Enigma’s dynamic catalog management application, which integrates multiple graphic formats with rich content. Enigma’s Xtend is a content and catalog management suite that allows equipment operators to modify OEM-supplied information for their own intranets. CommerceSight is the core commerce application in the Enigma 3C Platform, which links ERP, MRP, e-procurement and order management systems with the technical information customers need to make aftermarket purchasing decisions. The Enigma 3C Platform is available now. Pricing starts at $250,000. www.enigma.com