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Day: January 15, 2001

WebGain Studio 4.1 Now Available with Turbo XML

WebGain, Inc. is now shipping WebGain Studio 4.1. This release includes VisualCafe V4.1 with support for WebLogic Application Server V6.0, the new TurboXML integrated XML support module, and WebGain StructureBuilder. The WebGain Studio 4.1 Professional Edition adds WebGain TopLink, an advanced object-relational database mapping capability. StudioPro automates the creation integration and continuous improvement of enterprise-class e-Business applications. WebGain’s new TurboXML provides XML creation, validation, conversion, and management capabilities. WebGain Studio’s integrated support of XML-based deployment descriptors is designed to enable developers to work much more efficiently by simplifying the deployment process. Both versions of WebGain Studio have full compatibility with Sun Microsystems’ JDK (Java Development Kit) v1.3. and upgraded JSP (Java Server Page) editing capability. Both editions also support BEA WebLogic Server 5.1 and 6.0. StructureBuilder includes comprehensive EJB creation, development and deployment, IDE integration, and an API that allows customization by providing access to the user interface, metadata and code generation capabilities. Additional features of WebGain Studio 4.1 include debugging support for JDK 1.3 virtual machines, allowing developers to take advantage of the features and performance enhancements of the latest JDK version from Sun Microsystems. The new version also offers upgraded JSP editing capabilities with Macromedia’s Ultradev 1.0.

MetraTech Launches XML Web Billing Solution

MetraTech announced the launch of the MetraTech billing solution, a native XML billing platform. The MetraTech billing solution enables businesses to capture and manage all aspects of the billing process, including metering, rating, taxing, branding, presentation, and payment, thereby reducing a business’ time to market for value-added service offerings. It was built from the ground up specifically for web-based business service providers using XML. MetraTech helps service providers accelerate profitability by enabling them to rapidly introduce new high-value, high-margin services, offer creative pricing for those services, and automate the billing process so customers can view their charges immediately, in real time online. The MetraTech billing solution is deployed via an a la carte model, allowing clients to license or outsource only the components they require, with the fluidity to add more billing components as business needs dictate. MetraTech’s web services architecture allows businesses to leverage existing IT investments and technologies. MetraTech targets three key industries: Application Service Providers/Business Service Providers (ASPs/BSPs); enhanced communication service providers; and digital marketplaces. The MetraTech billing solution is available today. It can be licensed or outsourced via the Internet.

Interwoven Announces Turbo Family

Interwoven, Inc. announced its new Interwoven Turbo product family for rapid integration with eBusiness solutions. The Interwoven Turbo software products will accelerate time-to-Web by connecting eBusiness product suites through a standard set of integration points and by facilitating content re-use across applications. Joint customers will now benefit from access to the latest product functionality as Interwoven Turbo keeps pace with upgrades to TeamSite and partner products. Initially, Interwoven Turbo will be available for application servers, personalization servers and commerce servers from ATG, BEA Systems, IBM, iPlanet and Microsoft. With the Turbo product family, Interwoven gives enterprises a head start on developing, managing and deploying compelling Web properties and also reduces implementation cycles by standardizing its support for leading eBusiness application suites. As TeamSite and partner products are enhanced, Interwoven Turbo will provide a reliable upgrade path, ensuring that enterprises will continue to have access to new features and technologies. For product availability see

Macromedia & Allaire to Merge

Macromedia, Inc. and Allaire Corporation announced a definitive merger agreement. The combined company will unite the Web design and development communities and enable Web professionals to efficiently build the look of a Web site and the application logic behind it-creating the best possible user experience across multiple devices. The transaction, valued at approximately $360 million on a fully-diluted basis, brings together market server, authoring and playback software to make Web development more efficient, affordable, and accessible. Under the terms of the definitive merger agreement unanimously approved by each company’s board of directors, Macromedia will acquire Allaire. Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO of Macromedia, will continue as chairman and CEO of the combined company, which will retain the Macromedia name. Jeremy Allaire, CTO of Allaire, will be the CTO of Macromedia, reporting to Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products. The combined company will evolve its Web development platform with support for open industry standards. The first step is to deliver on Allaire’s plan to bring the development model of ColdFusion to J2EE. This will enable an approachable, productive solution for building applications on the Java platform using technologies such as XML and JSP. The next step will be to develop a set of application services-reusable components and application logic-that enhance the major software platforms including Java and Microsoft .NET. In the merger, Macromedia will exchange 0.2 shares of its stock and $3 in cash for each Allaire share. The merger will be accounted for as a purchase combination and is expected to be accretive in Macromedia’s fiscal year 2002. This transaction is subject to certain closing conditions, including regulatory approvals and the approval of the Allaire shareholders, and is expected to close by the second calendar quarter of 2001. In connection with the merger agreement, Allaire has granted Macromedia an option to acquire 19.9 percent of Allaire’s stock, exercisable in certain circumstances.,

Software AG & thinkXML Partner

Software AG Inc. and thinkXML Inc. have entered into a partnership to integrate Software AG’s Tamino native XML database with thinkXML2000. The combination offers organizations worldwide, engaged in electronic business, a mechanism to simultaneously manage their Web interface and their data store, enabling them to rapidly create XML-based data management systems. Traditionally, form and data schemas are maintained separately and map files must be created whenever a form or database schema changes. The Software AG – thinkXML offering allows users to create a dual-purpose data structure in the thinkXML2000 Management Console without having to maintain a map file. The thinkXML2000 Transaction Server routes and processes data-rich XML transaction documents directly to Tamino. The thinkXML2000 Transaction Manager for Tamino, now in beta testing, provides enterprise intelligence, scalability and streamlined monitoring that enable users to ensure predictable service levels and response times. Using Tamino’s rich reporting and data extraction capabilities and its XQL (XML Query Language) query engine, the thinkXML Transaction Manager for Tamino enables users to search and view logs; complete transaction audit trails and schema transformations; edit a new instance of a transaction inside the original, populated dynamic Web forms; and repair and replay failed transactions instantly.,

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