Interwoven, Inc. announced its new Interwoven Turbo product family for rapid integration with eBusiness solutions. The Interwoven Turbo software products will accelerate time-to-Web by connecting eBusiness product suites through a standard set of integration points and by facilitating content re-use across applications. Joint customers will now benefit from access to the latest product functionality as Interwoven Turbo keeps pace with upgrades to TeamSite and partner products. Initially, Interwoven Turbo will be available for application servers, personalization servers and commerce servers from ATG, BEA Systems, IBM, iPlanet and Microsoft. With the Turbo product family, Interwoven gives enterprises a head start on developing, managing and deploying compelling Web properties and also reduces implementation cycles by standardizing its support for leading eBusiness application suites. As TeamSite and partner products are enhanced, Interwoven Turbo will provide a reliable upgrade path, ensuring that enterprises will continue to have access to new features and technologies. For product availability see