Software AG Inc. and thinkXML Inc. have entered into a partnership to integrate Software AG’s Tamino native XML database with thinkXML2000. The combination offers organizations worldwide, engaged in electronic business, a mechanism to simultaneously manage their Web interface and their data store, enabling them to rapidly create XML-based data management systems. Traditionally, form and data schemas are maintained separately and map files must be created whenever a form or database schema changes. The Software AG – thinkXML offering allows users to create a dual-purpose data structure in the thinkXML2000 Management Console without having to maintain a map file. The thinkXML2000 Transaction Server routes and processes data-rich XML transaction documents directly to Tamino. The thinkXML2000 Transaction Manager for Tamino, now in beta testing, provides enterprise intelligence, scalability and streamlined monitoring that enable users to ensure predictable service levels and response times. Using Tamino’s rich reporting and data extraction capabilities and its XQL (XML Query Language) query engine, the thinkXML Transaction Manager for Tamino enables users to search and view logs; complete transaction audit trails and schema transformations; edit a new instance of a transaction inside the original, populated dynamic Web forms; and repair and replay failed transactions instantly.,