WebGain, Inc. is now shipping WebGain Studio 4.1. This release includes VisualCafe V4.1 with support for WebLogic Application Server V6.0, the new TurboXML integrated XML support module, and WebGain StructureBuilder. The WebGain Studio 4.1 Professional Edition adds WebGain TopLink, an advanced object-relational database mapping capability. StudioPro automates the creation integration and continuous improvement of enterprise-class e-Business applications. WebGain’s new TurboXML provides XML creation, validation, conversion, and management capabilities. WebGain Studio’s integrated support of XML-based deployment descriptors is designed to enable developers to work much more efficiently by simplifying the deployment process. Both versions of WebGain Studio have full compatibility with Sun Microsystems’ JDK (Java Development Kit) v1.3. and upgraded JSP (Java Server Page) editing capability. Both editions also support BEA WebLogic Server 5.1 and 6.0. StructureBuilder includes comprehensive EJB creation, development and deployment, IDE integration, and an API that allows customization by providing access to the user interface, metadata and code generation capabilities. Additional features of WebGain Studio 4.1 include debugging support for JDK 1.3 virtual machines, allowing developers to take advantage of the features and performance enhancements of the latest JDK version from Sun Microsystems. The new version also offers upgraded JSP editing capabilities with Macromedia’s Ultradev 1.0. www.WebGain.com