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XOR Announces Release of Open Content 2.0

XOR Inc. announced the release of Open Content 2.0, a content management
solution “without the costs and sophisticated technical support they often
require.” Open Content 2.0 is a simple content management tool that is modestly priced, easy to implement, and enables content owners to update web-based content in real-time. It is especially well-suited to the middle-market and individual units of the Fortune 500 that can’t or don’t want to invest in elaborate content management solutions that are expensive to implement and maintain. Content managers can easily add pages, create and update information, and change the navigation of a site in real-time without any involvement from the technical team. Through a dynamic workflow process, teams can create, edit, preview and approve content in a staging area before it is posted for end users. Open Content 2.0 is available on both Microsoft and Java platforms; the Java version works with popular application platforms like WebSphere, Apache/Tomcat, ATG Dynamo and BEA WebLogic.

Ascential Announces Support for BusinessObjects Application Foundation 2.5

Ascential Software Corporation announced its support for the release of BusinessObjects Application Foundation 2.5 from Business Objects. Application Foundation 2.5 offers users a framework for building dashboards and real-time analytics into their applications, enabling quick access to and easy visualization of customers’ critical business metrics. DataStage accesses and extracts data from multiple data sources, including enterprise applications, XML or e-business data, Web and e-mail logs, flat files, mainframes and data warehouse environments. DataStage also allows Business Objects customers to manage and bi-directionally exchange meta data within their business intelligence environments.

TopicalNet Acquires TeraLytics

TopicalNet, Inc. has agreed to purchase substantially all of the assets of TeraLytics of Sunnyvale, California. Through the acquisition, customers will benefit from the combination of TopicalNet’s ability to understand and classify electronic content and TeraLytics’ highly scalable data analysis technology. TeraLytics’ technology analyzes detailed customer interaction data to help customers define strategies and actions, enabling them to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Context Media and Avaltus Partner for E-Learning Solution

Context Media, Inc. and Avaltus, Inc. announced a new partnership agreement in
which the companies have paired to offer an end-to-end solution for the management and distribution of e-learning content. The combined solution will support the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) initiative, which provides a standard to enable the interoperability of learning materials online.
Avaltus’ technology, a Java/XML-based LCMS, unifies learning content across the enterprise into a data repository allowing organizations to convert massive amounts of information presently stagnating on corporate networks into interactive, stimulating and reusable learning content.,

Zycus Announces Release of AutoClass

Zycus announced the release of AutoClass, a classification solution for e-Catalogs. AutoClass will assist marketers to accurately analyze spending patterns by product and supplier as well as provide a common platform for mapping different supplier and buyer plans to UNSPSC. AutoClass achieves this through a database engine that removes the concepts and then categorizes the product by statistically linking the models to product categories. The speed of automatic classification (100,000 documents per hour) enables rapid enablement. The AI based classification engine is trained on millions of product items where it separates statistically significant patterns. Built-in libraries and embedded domain intelligence help in automatic and accurate classification of the supplier’s/client’s plan into UNSPSC at a reduced cost, while version control is made possible through continuous update every two weeks. AutoClass is language and domain independent, and can process e-Catalogs on a real time basis using a web interface.

Inktomi Announces Enterprise Search 4.3

Inktomi Corp. announced enhancements to Inktomi Enterprise Search software as well as an end-to-end solution for optimizing and searching corporate content. Inktomi Enterprise Search 4.3 includes an interface for indexing metadata created in content management and classification applications, the ability to insert direct links to popular documents in search results and expanded support for database content. Additionally, the company introduced Inktomi Search Architect Edition, a solution that combines Inktomi Enterprise Search with content optimization tools to automate the process of developing easy-to-search content. Inktomi Search Architect Edition combines Watchfire Enterprise Solution with Inktomi Enterprise Search 4.3 for automating the practice of preparing content for search engine indexing. Inktomi Search Architect Edition automatically scans and analyzes enterprise content for problems that can impact its ability to be searched and quickly and accurately adds keyword metadata (such as page titles, alt tags, author tags and description tags) to improve the accessibility and ranking of that content. Inktomi Enterprise Search 4.3 and Inktomi Search Architect Edition are available immediately.

Latitude360 Partners with Documentum

Latitude360 announced that Latitude360 is now a Documentum Technology
Partner. The two companies’ expanded partnership will maximize the ability of customers to fuel content to multiple enterprise applications using
Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform as the central content repository. Enterprise application integrations for software such as Siebel, SAP, and Lotus Notes enable Latitude360 to deliver the content management functionality of Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform to existing enterprise applications. The Documentum eContent server integrates with these applications through customized Documentum eConnectors implemented by Latitude360. End users can access relevant corporate content from the Documentum repository through one familiar client application, such as Siebel eBusiness Applications or Lotus Notes, rather than two separate client applications.,

Engenium Integrates Stellent’s Outside In

Stellent Inc. announced that Engenium, a developer of information search and retrieval tools, has integrated the Stellent Outside In Content Access technology with Engenium’s Semetric intelligent information retrieval technology. Engenium embedded the Stellent Outside In Content Access technology into HireReasoning, Engenium’s Semetric-powered application. Outside In Content Access automatically extracts unstructured resume content from documents in more than 225 file formats. Semetric then employs analytic techniques to understand the content of the resulting text. Semetric is a conceptual matching technology created using a blend of Machine Learning, Vector Space Modeling, dynamic indexing and other high-level mathematical models. It works by mapping relationships between each word and every single other word in large sets of documents. This association of words based on the context in which they are used creates a form of numeric “meaning” and “understanding” for the software.,

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