Stellent Inc. announced that Engenium, a developer of information search and retrieval tools, has integrated the Stellent Outside In Content Access technology with Engenium’s Semetric intelligent information retrieval technology. Engenium embedded the Stellent Outside In Content Access technology into HireReasoning, Engenium’s Semetric-powered application. Outside In Content Access automatically extracts unstructured resume content from documents in more than 225 file formats. Semetric then employs analytic techniques to understand the content of the resulting text. Semetric is a conceptual matching technology created using a blend of Machine Learning, Vector Space Modeling, dynamic indexing and other high-level mathematical models. It works by mapping relationships between each word and every single other word in large sets of documents. This association of words based on the context in which they are used creates a form of numeric “meaning” and “understanding” for the software.,