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Trados Rolls Out Web-Enabled Terminology Management

TRADOS Incorporated announced MultiTerm Web Access (MuWA) for Web-based terminology management environments. TRADOS MuWA further extends the Internet/intranet resource sharing capabilities of MultiTerm, TRADOS’ terminology management tool. Specifically, MuWA will allow business users to distribute, access and manage their organizations’ multilingual terminology databases using standard Web browsers, making it even easier and faster to translate documents from one language to another. Since companies’ language translation needs are highly specific to their industries, technologies, product lines, and corporate cultures, users need efficient terminology management systems that enable them to build their own databases of terminology over time. These databases, or “termbases,” will be centrally maintained with TRADOS MuWA so that all users can take advantage of the latest, most complete sets of translated terminology, available from any location. MuWA leverages Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 to enable these shared- resource capabilities through a client/server architecture. Benefits of MuWA include: fuzzy search (now also works for double-byte languages, e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean), simple and Wildcard searches, and easy-to-use migration tools to convert existing MultiTerm databases to XML and import the results to an SQL database. Commercial availability for TRADOS MultiTerm Web Access is scheduled for 30 October 2000.

Enigma Introduces Update to Transactive Content Platform

Enigma, Inc. introduced CommerceSight 2.0, the second release of its B2B software platform for aftermarket sales and support of capital equipment. By providing rich product content as context for aftermarket purchasing and maintenance decisions, CommerceSight 2.0 allows manufacturers to increase follow-on sales of spare parts and services, while equipment operators benefit from higher equipment uptime and greater purchasing and maintenance productivity. Enigma’s solution addresses the problem of rich-content collaboration that manufacturers with complex products sold and supported through complex channels currently face. The CommerceSight engine provides the core content delivery services for channel management and technical support applications and can be integrated with transaction and EAI applications for complete e-commerce solutions. CommerceSight 2.0 automatically packages multiple text, graphic and relational data sources into portable XML-based applications that can be dynamically delivered to Web sites, intranets, third-party applications and offline media. CommerceSight 2.0 is a unified, open standards-based B2B transactive content platform. It is comprised of several key components: Enigma’s InSight and DynaWeb solutions, enabling content delivery for complex maintenance manuals and other text-intensive, high-volume product content; eIPC, an intelligent product catalog that links technical illustrations, parts lists and related text information and provides shopping cart functionality; Enigma’s Xtend, a buy-side solution that allows equipment operators to seamlessly integrate best practices and policies information into manufacturer-originated product content behind their corporate firewalls; Connectors to ERP, order management and e-procurement systems that shorten the aftermarket sales cycle by providing context for purchasing decisions; and Connectors to document management and product data management systems that enable full automation of content assembly and delivery and full integration across disparate repositories and data formats. CommerceSight 2.0 is available now. Pricing begins at $150,000.

CPExchange Launches Privacy-Enabled Standard

The Customer Profile Exchange Network (CPExchange) launched the newly authored Customer Profile Exchange standard, which creates a standard for privacy-enabled customer data interchange. The CPExchange Network, a volunteer consortium made up of over 70 e-business organizations, is offering a vendor-neutral, open standard for exchanging privacy-enabled customer information across different businesses and computer systems. Organizations with many different and separate data sources who are seeking an integrated view of customers — such as suppliers and employees — will utilize CPExchange. CPExchange facilitates the management and promotion of customer relationships, while profiling customer information — appealing to all industry sectors. Few of today’s supply and demand chains share a unified profile of the customer, leaving customer support, order management, lead sharing and other primary business functions working independently to grasp a customer’s identity, behaviors and needs. Customer service capability is severely reduced by this lack of shared information, creating significant short and long-term IT integration costs. Customers gain a unified profile of their situation among their suppliers, enjoy better customer service, and reduce the time and complexity of interacting with companies. Significantly, it will allow customers to more easily achieve the levels of privacy they require when handling sensitive and proprietary profile information. The CPExchange Network is hosted by the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance), a non-profit, vendor-neutral organization dedicated to the development and implementation of open interoperability standards. Membership in the CPExchange Network is open to any and all contributors on an annual fee basis. Announces Release of adXML Online DTD Version 1.0

The international open standards industry group,, announced the release of adXML online DTD version 1.0. The new version is the result of a collaborated effort of the 350 companies and 500 individuals that are a part of The new version of the adXML standard includes a number of changes including: self-contained transport packaging, an extension for secure digital signatures, object-oriented modularity, and a streamlined creative construct to support creative data, image maps and 3rd party ad serving. The new DTD and a 100% Java implementation of an adXML development kit can be downloaded for free at

Gauss Interprise Integrates SpyVision

Gauss Interprise announced the first phase integration of its VIP’ Web content/portal management suite with its SpyVision document and line-of-business content management package. The integration of the two product suites positions Gauss Interprise as a vendor able to provide an end-to-end solution that captures all corporate content, including legacy system data, thereby enabling enterprises to seamlessly leverage their IT investments to work with next-generation Internet technology. With the integration of VIP’ SpyVision components, the complementary product set acquired via a recent merger with Magellan Software, Gauss possesses the ability to not only manage multiple Web and portal authoring initiatives, but to access and serve-up corporate content maintained in SpyVision’s centrally-managed digital repository. This includes back-office content often excluded from Internet-oriented solutions, such as electronic reports and scanned images, as well as audio and Windows application files. The Gauss VIP’ solution is designed using the latest Java technology, thus providing platform independence, interoperability, and scalability. The end result is a measured and rational approach to achieve e-business agility, without the turmoil that can plague these critical initiatives, whether oriented toward building an intranet, extranet, or a full-featured Web presence.

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