Gauss Interprise announced the first phase integration of its VIP’ Web content/portal management suite with its SpyVision document and line-of-business content management package. The integration of the two product suites positions Gauss Interprise as a vendor able to provide an end-to-end solution that captures all corporate content, including legacy system data, thereby enabling enterprises to seamlessly leverage their IT investments to work with next-generation Internet technology. With the integration of VIP’ SpyVision components, the complementary product set acquired via a recent merger with Magellan Software, Gauss possesses the ability to not only manage multiple Web and portal authoring initiatives, but to access and serve-up corporate content maintained in SpyVision’s centrally-managed digital repository. This includes back-office content often excluded from Internet-oriented solutions, such as electronic reports and scanned images, as well as audio and Windows application files. The Gauss VIP’ solution is designed using the latest Java technology, thus providing platform independence, interoperability, and scalability. The end result is a measured and rational approach to achieve e-business agility, without the turmoil that can plague these critical initiatives, whether oriented toward building an intranet, extranet, or a full-featured Web presence.