, Inc. introduced its Dynamic Content Locking (DCL) technology that enables digital content to be packaged, secured, and distributed in real-time. Digital Content Locking is an innovative approach to digital rights management (DRM), which will allow consumers to order digital documents that are customized to their interests, packaged on the fly, and delivered within seconds. Content providers can focus on maintaining their content database rather than on the production and distribution of the final packaged product. Using SoftLock’s DCL technology, content providers can generate a wide range of secure digital documents, which contain up-to-the minute information. Here’s how it works: A consumer, after viewing samples of available documents and content options clicks on the buy button to begin the DCL process. After the consumer’s credit has cleared, the online commerce system sends a request to the content database describing the required XML document components and the document format. SoftLock’s DCL process automatically retrieves the required XML components from the database, creates the Adobe PDF document, locks and encrypts the document using SoftLock’s DRM services. The report is then instantly delivered to the consumer along with the keys to “unlock” their rights to the document, which enables full viewing- all within 30 seconds. Document types which are particularly appropriate for this “late binding” process include investment analysis, company reports, and technology updates. As with SoftLock’s other Digital Content Marketing services, consumers can email the secure document to friends or colleagues using SoftLock’s Passalong service. Passalong is a viral marketing technique that enables content providers to encourage the follow-on sales of content while maintaining its security wrapper. Friends and colleagues can view samples of the secure document and then click to purchase. An unlock key will be emailed to them within a matter of seconds.