ALPNET, Inc. announced the release of GLOBELIX, a fully integrated translation database system. A client-server application for enterprise-wide globalization and localization management, GLOBELIX allows companies to get their products faster to worldwide markets by significantly reducing the time it takes to translate product information. GLOBELIX connects an unlimited number of translators and users in a globally networked environment, offering significant advantages over first-generation translation memory and productivity tools, which provide isolated functionality on a workstation level. GLOBELIX also allows linking of language resource data in an unlimited number of languages and allows searches of language combinations in all directions. The technology can be integrated into most enterprise applications, like content management, ERP systems, and corporate Intranets. GLOBELIX allows translators, authors and information users to connect to a central database and share localized content over the Internet and VPNs. GLOBELIX uses Oracle’s 8i engine as the translation database backbone. It provides the functions of alignment of text and management of language resource data on various component levels. A complete Unicode-based model, GLOBELIX is SGML/XML-optimized and compatible with most other business document formats. It can easily be integrated within corporate workflow systems, content management and authoring systems, and other enterprise application systems. The GLOBELIX Editor is a thin Java-based ‘client’ software program that allows translators to utilize all the power of the GLOBELIX technology on their remote workstation without having to load and maintain the hefty functionality on their local PC.