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Day: October 2, 2000

Alpnet Releases Globelix

ALPNET, Inc. announced the release of GLOBELIX, a fully integrated translation database system. A client-server application for enterprise-wide globalization and localization management, GLOBELIX allows companies to get their products faster to worldwide markets by significantly reducing the time it takes to translate product information. GLOBELIX connects an unlimited number of translators and users in a globally networked environment, offering significant advantages over first-generation translation memory and productivity tools, which provide isolated functionality on a workstation level. GLOBELIX also allows linking of language resource data in an unlimited number of languages and allows searches of language combinations in all directions. The technology can be integrated into most enterprise applications, like content management, ERP systems, and corporate Intranets. GLOBELIX allows translators, authors and information users to connect to a central database and share localized content over the Internet and VPNs. GLOBELIX uses Oracle’s 8i engine as the translation database backbone. It provides the functions of alignment of text and management of language resource data on various component levels. A complete Unicode-based model, GLOBELIX is SGML/XML-optimized and compatible with most other business document formats. It can easily be integrated within corporate workflow systems, content management and authoring systems, and other enterprise application systems. The GLOBELIX Editor is a thin Java-based ‘client’ software program that allows translators to utilize all the power of the GLOBELIX technology on their remote workstation without having to load and maintain the hefty functionality on their local PC.

NQL to Offer Enterprise Content Management Platform

NQL Inc. announced that it is preparing an enterprise content management platform for release in the first quarter of 2001. As an out-of-the-box enterprise solution, the NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software will be targeted toward large-scale clients such as solution providers, VARs, portal companies and e-integrators, as well as vertical markets. NQL deployments already underway include licensing of the core technology called Network Query Language and IQ Series applications that represent various elements of the content management platform. NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software collects content from both the Internet and corporate networks through agents, which are powered by the company’s core technology. The platform consists of content aggregation and delivery layers, an intelligent content cache, and a taxonomy. The taxonomy describes content in terms of categories, access names, information sources, lifetime, and a collection schedule. For desktop PC users, the platform enables insertion of all content types into mail messages, word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation systems, to name a few examples. For lesser-known applications, a desktop content browser is provided for users to select content by name and copy to a clipboard and paste into applications. For application developers, NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software provides APIs for Visual Basic and Java. Automated communications between applications, systems and organizations are accommodated by web services such as Microsoft.NET. For web sites on NT servers, NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software provides filters that enable new tags for content that can be embedded in HTML pages for on-the-fly acquisition. The platform also provides content viewers for mobile devices such as connected Palm devices, pocket PCs and WAP smart phones.

Documentum & BEA Unveil Bundled Web Content Management

Documentum announced that a limited license version of the newly launched Documentum 4i Web Content Management (WCM) Edition will come bundled with BEA WebLogic Commerce Server 3.1 and BEA WebLogic Personalization Server 3.1 from BEA Systems, Inc. This edition will be available for download from later this month. The bundling of Documentum and BEA products will provide businesses with a complementary solution for building e-commerce Web sites that can serve and manage dynamic, timely, and highly personalized content. With out-of-the-box content management, customers of the BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform will have an immediate solution for creating and delivering e-commerce content. The limited license version installs the Documentum products and BEA integration with a single click, and also includes sample web site content, pre-configured workflows and lifecycles. It also comes complete with a tutorial that shows how to use the Documentum products with the sample web site. The bundled solution simplifies multiple site updates, accelerates delivery of content to multiple targets, and extends content consistency across a company’s Web sites, both internal and external, making the right content available in the right place at the right time.

Agile Announces Agile Integration Server

Agile Software Corporation announced the Agile Integration Server (AIS), an XML-based integration solution that makes the valuable product content held in Agile Anywhere available to a wide range of business applications and users, both internally and across the global manufacturing network. The Agile Integration Server (AIS) enables users to take every possible business advantage of their valuable Agile-based product information, utilizing it in design, planning, shop floor, field support, CRM, and order entry applications, as well as in collaborative manufacturing. By leveraging this information across the entire supply chain, Agile customers can rapidly expand the value of their Agile Anywhere-based private collaboration exchanges. The Agile Integration Server enables the integration of product information held in Agile with: Individual XML-compliant applications on a case-by-case basis, EAI solutions, or Business to Business Integration (B2Bi) solutions. AIS communicates with XML-compliant applications using HTTP and SSL, making AIS both firewall friendly and highly secure. The AIS generates XML output in several Internet-standard XML-based formats, including aXML and PDX 0.7, as well as other XML-based formats, such as RosettaNet PIPs, OAG BODs, and cXML via XSLT, allowing Agile customers to easily exchange product content with both commodity and custom sourcing networks, such as PartMiner’s Free Trade Zone and Ariba Sourcing.

ATG & BEA to Incorporate Interwoven Components

Interwoven, Inc. announced the launch of its newest partner initiative to embed application specific content management functionality with providers of eBusiness applications. Available immediately, Interwoven is offering components of its product suite to eBusiness application providers who need robust, proven content management solutions to complete their offerings. The initiative is aimed at eBusiness application providers who service the Global 2000 and have a need for a targeted content management solution customized to the unique requirements of their application suites. Two new partners to take advantage of the initiative are eBusiness application providers Art Technology Group (ATG) and BEA Systems, Inc. BEA and Interwoven have entered into an agreement to expand their existing partnership with a more comprehensive personalized eCommerce solution. This solution will provide seamless, out-of-the-box content management included with BEA WebLogic Commerce Server 3.1. This new initiative will allow end users to capitalize on the time advantage of having pre-tested and bundled solutions of applications and content management available from a single point of contact.,,

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